Recording System

All the recording equipment available is in the description below:

Full acoustic Setup Oakwood**


52 Channel Amek M3000 from 1981 -> freshly recapped Each Channel: DBX 202VCA Black Series, 4 full parametric EQs, 32 Busses! Neumann Summing Bus 16 Channels Studer A810 VUK


Dynaudio Acoustics Air 20 Series (2.1) JBL 4430 / Yamaha P 2200 Genelec 1029A


1 x Ultrasone Pro 750 3 x Sennheiser HD 25-1 2 x AKG K 240 1 x Nocs NS 900

Converter system
(200 Channels)

32 Channel MADI AD /DA Converter 2 x RME AD Converter ADI-8 AE 2x RME AD Converter ADI-8 DS

DAW + Software

Intel Core i7 3,4GHz RME Madi FX soundcard DSP: 2 x Octo Card UAD DSP: Power Core FireWire Apogee Big Ben master clock Midi keyboard Komplete Kontrol S61

Professional equipment. With a legendary heart.